What do we do?

Docme Films is an independent audiovisual production company born in Barcelona in 2015 and, since 2018, based in Mallorca. We are a platform for audiovisual creation and development of cultural and educational projects.

Our main focus is on documentary filmmaking, and we are particularly interested in giving visibility to stories that need to be humanised, normalised and destigmatised. In recent years, we have engaged with the health sector, disease, patients and patient associations in a committed way. We have also told social and environmental stories, created creative campaigns that raise social awareness and helped many companies to convey their commercial messages.

In the end, what we want is for cinema, audiovisuals, culture and art in general to become a link between the specialized public and the global public; to educate, to excite, to generate debate and reflection and, if possible, to definitely induce good deeds.

What does


DOCME Films, together with HOSPITAL CLÍNIC DE BARCELONA, has created the 6-episode documentary series Connexió Clínic, in which the protagonists are its own healthcare workers. The series has gained great recognition internally and a great social and artistic repercussion, especially its last chapter, “The round triangle”, selected and winner of multiple international awards. We are currently working on the production of the documentary “ARI”, a tribute to Ariana Benedé (who died of leukemia at the age of 18) and a team of health professionals who started a fight to raise funds and begin the process of creating a new oncological therapy, CAR-T, which is saving the lives of many patients who had no medical alternative.


DOCME collaborates with patient associations such as ELPAEUROPSOPSORIASIS EN RED, HETZ, ADDA, ABDEM, among others, through the development of audiovisual awareness campaigns (Give Me My Three SecondsLo que tú no​ ​sabes de mi psoriasis), documentaries (HEP C: From Hell to Hope), educational and informative videos about the disease (Psoriasis y artritis psoriásica: el abordaje integral del paciente) as well as the organisation and coverage of congresses and specialised events (Congreso Español de Pacientes de Psoriasis y Artritis Psoriásica)


DOCME collaborates with FICAE – Festival Internacional de Cortometrajes y Arte sobre Enfermedades as a cultural agency with the mission of advising, commissioning, promoting and managing the contents and activities of each edition. FICAE is an initiative of the UNIVERSITAT POLITÈCNICA DE VALÈNCIA and the Asociación VINCLES. The aim of this festival is to promote, through film and art, awareness and social awareness of the disease as a life process and to counteract the stigmas that many diseases continue to bear.


The creation of audiovisual content for the web and social networks has become essential for companies. Docme gives creative form to these contents and helps companies to communicate in an effective and human way not only their products and services, but also their differential points and values. Clients such as TIRME, COYUNDA, EROSKI CITY, FUNDACIÓ RECONATURA, GEDAC or PALLISER ROMERO have trusted in our experience.


DOCME coordinates educational projects with social centres such as IMPO –  INSTITUT MUNICIPAL DE PROMOCIÓ DE L’OCUPACIÓ (Tastet d’Oficis – Audiovisual), or with universities such as CESAG (“Personas con”, en colaboración con PACIENT ACTIU ILLES BALEARS)  UIC BARCELONA (MeetingDOC: Psoriasis, in collaboration with PSORIASIS EN RED; MeetingDOC: Leucemia in collaboration with FUNDACIÓN JOSEP CARRERAS CONTRA LA LEUCEMIA), projects in which students from the audiovisual world came into contact with patients with the aim of creating documentaries and contributing to knowledge and social awareness of various diseases.


Docme actively collaborates with several film festivals and cultural agencies in the translation and subtitling of videos and films in various formats and languages. DART FESTIVAL, ARQUITECTURA EN CORTO or BARCELONA GALLERY WEEKEND are some examples.

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